The installation of the gondola rope-way complex at Gudauri group of companies

Ведется монтаж комплекса гондольных канатных дорог на ГК «Гудаури»

In the summer of 2018, the SNOWPROM group of companies started installation of a gondola rope-way manufactured by the French firm POMA. Facility location: «Gudauri» ski resort, Georgia.

Gudauri is a young actively developing ski resort located in the Kazbek Region of Georgia, 120 km from Tbilisi at an altitude of 2196 meters, near the Cross Pass.

The rope-way complex consists of 3 new gondola rope-ways:

Rope-way length — 1990 m;
Elevation – 247 m;
Motion speed – 6 m/s;
Capacity – 2800 man/hour.

LIFT 10:
Rope-way length — 2269 m;
Elevation – 438 m;
Motion speed – 6 m/s;
Capacity – 2800 man/hour.

LIFT 11:
Rope-way length — 2837 m;
Elevation – 538 m;
Motion speed – 6 m/s;
Capacity – 2800 man/hour.

All gondola rope-ways are equipped with comfortable and reliable Diamond 10 cabs. New cabins are designed according to the latest trends, equipped with forced ventilation and heating, provide places for wheelchairs and prams. The new rope-way meets the latest safety requirements with a high reliability level.

In order to reduce the installation work time at the facility, the SNOWPROM group of companies organized uninterrupted and simultaneous installation of the equipment on all rope-ways at the same time. The specialists of our company do everything possible so that the rope-ways will be put into operation before the new alpine ski season in 2018/2019.

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