Equipping of resorts.

Choice of a section title is not a mere coincidence. We not just purchase, deliver or install the equipment, but equip the resorts in full, i.e. we combine all mentioned above and many other things, and also provide recommendations to the customer. The fact is that quite often we know better than the customer what is really necessary for a resort. Usually, after we have received an inquiry from the Customer, we try, at first, to find out to what extent the customer has studied the subject. Although in some cases, which happens much less often, the customer knows exactly what is necessary for him.
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Stage of operation organization.

Quality and efficient operation of each resort, even the one that has been perfectly designed and built, is not possible without well-established work of an operational complex.

All services of an operational complex, such as ropeways and snowmaking services, hire, infrastructure, suppliers and many others, have to work together without failures under the unified management. Even the smallest, at first sight, mistake in work of one of the services can lead to turns, down time, and, consequently, to considerable financial losses for the resort in general.
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