Design documentation and Detailed documentation

DESCRIPTION: Standard package of design documentation prepared on the basis of a draft project. Scope and content of documentation comply with the requirements of standards applicable in the territory of the Russian Federation and are supplemented with security scheme (indicating planned location and types of safety equipment), general plan for topography arrangement of a ski area, recommendations on laying out developed on the basis of a draft project, detailed list of equipment (ropeways and rental place with the provision of technical specifications and models), integrated scheme of utility networks as well as detailed 3-D views of a projected complex (indicated by the Customer).

PURPOSE: underlying material necessary for execution of construction.

NOTES: these design stages can be performed by any local (the closest to the site) design organization since technological characteristics of ski resort construction have been considered at previous stages. This option, as a rule, is more cost-efficient for the Customer than assigning this stage to Alp Project LLC. To avoid technological mistakes at this stage, consultancy contract is usually entered into between the Customer and Alp Project LLC (complex design management). At the same time, field-oriented designers prepare projects for specialized systems of the resort (Alp Project LLC may act as a designer for some areas of work).

INITIAL DATA: topographical mapping Scale 1:500-1:1000 in vector format.