High quality construction and installation of ropeways

Group of companies SNOWPROM offers you a whole range of services in the field of design, installation and construction of different types of ropeways. Our company can sell you a ropeway high capacity, reliability and long term of safe operation. If you need a ropeway of guaranteed quality for modern price – welcome to our company!

Installation of ropeways: our advantages

Installation of ropeways is the main activity of our company. During several years group of companies SNOWPROM has been successfully providing services for installation of ropeways of different types, complexity and capacity. You can buy ski-lifters from our company and get them installed where you need within the reasonable period of time. Our company also constructs, operates and maintains ropeways and snowmaking systems, prepares master-plans. That is why you can get the maximum possible range of services if you come to us!

Our clients can buy one of the following types of ropeways:

  • cargo and passenger ropeway;
  • aerial ropeway (with seats or cabins), lifters and cable cars for the very pleasant prices!

We offer installation of all models of ropeways produced by world leading manufacturers. Our company specializes in maintaining ski resorts where it is especially important to have wide variety of ropeways. When developing the project and installing a ropeway we always consider the specific features of a ski base: the aerial ropeway is always installed with due consideration of its capacity, I.e. the number of people it can transport during one hour from the bottom station to the top one.

Choice of ropeways: wide variety of models

Do you need a ropeway? Then, you’ve come to the right place! We are a team of real professionals who have dealt with supplying, installation and construction of ropeways since 2003. Among our specialists there are masters of sports in mountain skiing, experienced designers and installation specialists who will help you choose an appropriate project of a ropeway and implement it within the shortest time possible!

You can buy ski-lifters from our company without no middlemen involved. We work directly with the leading companies such as РОМА, Doppelmayr, Leitner and many others. We use only the best quality and time-proved equipment. Thanks to direct cooperation with manufactures, we can implement the ropeway project on a turnkey basis, taking all responsibilities for choice and delivery of equipment to the Customer’s site.

Construction of ropeways: specific features of our work

Our company performs construction of ropeways with the use of heavy equipment and helicopters. We have extensive technical facilities and are ready to overcome any difficulties in a work process. Group of companies SNOWPROM has an impressive experience in the field of construction in the most difficult mountain conditions. That is why we can install a ropeway of adequate price almost in any chosen mountain plot!

Surveyors of our company bridge the ropeways axis to the local coordinates, carry out the staking. With the use of our own equipment we develop a construction site and prepare it, concrete foundations for future ropeways supports.

Only authorized installation personnel works for our company. They use specialized equipment and carry out installation of ropeways quickly, reliably and in a high quality way. Authorized specialists perform quality splicing of ropes of any diameters and at the end of installation and construction works we always perform integrated commissioning and starting-up. So, if you decide to buy ski-lifters from our company and then get them installed by our company, you will definitely have no problems with their installation and commissioning!