Under the requirements of Federal Law No. 132-FZ «About bases of tourist activities in the Russian Federation», Russia follows the acting system for classifying ski tracks and the Unified electronic Federal List / Register of ski tracks (see https://классификация-туризм.рф).

The system was introduced to ensure high quality of ski resort services and to increase the general appeal of holidays at Russian resorts. The Federal Tourism Agency has developed a system for classifying ski tracks similar to that for hotel classification.

In times of unauthorized attribution of «stars» by hotels, the situation was not regularized at the Federal level, allowing entrepreneurs to mislead their consumers (whether intentionally or accidentally) by claiming high quality and failing to present the declared level. As a result, consumers did not receive the expected service they paid for.

The classified ski tracks will convince potential customers of the high level and safety of your ski resort. On top if that, the state, travel agencies and other participants of the industry more willingly cooperate with resorts that have classified tracks.

Classification steps:

  1. The Applicant applies to the authorized company concerning the Classification of the Tourism Industry Object;
  2. The authorized company examines the application within 10 working days upon receipt;
  3. Following the examination the authorized company approves or denies the classification of the Tourism Industry Object;
  4. The authorized company and the Applicant conclude the contract for the performance of works in classifying of the Tourism Industry Object.

The classification of the Tourism Industry Object comprises three stages:

Stage 1 – expert evaluation of the Tourism Industry Object;
Stage 2 – decision making;
Stage 3 – granting the Certificate to the Tourism Industry Object.
The Certificate is sent to the Applicant along with the certificate of evaluation.
The Certificate is valid for 3 years.
Upon the termination of validity of the Certificate, the Applicant shall apply for re-classification.