Snowmaking systems: whole range of construction and installation works

Snowmaking system is an integral part of a ski resort. Most of modern winter sports facilities are equipped with such systems: they can ensure uninterrupted operation of a complex regardless of weather conditions. Group of companies SNOWPROM sells, installs and constructs artificial snowmaking systems!

Variety of snowmaking systems

We offer you different types of snowmaking systems, such as:

System of artificial snowmaking is a right solution for ski-runs with mainly low temperatures. Both automated and adjustable snowmaking systems can generate high-quality snow in low and limit temperatures. Loose and soft snow generated by snow guns will enable to enjoy skiing in full!

Fan-type snowmaking system is a good choice for ski resorts located in the regions with insufficient snow cover or without it. Fan-type snowmaking system will enable to get ideal artificial snow capable of withstanding considerable loads. It ensures that snowmaking system will enable to increase a resort capacity.

Powerful and reliable snowmaking machine

Our company offers you snowmaking systems produced by the one of the best European manufacturer. Our specialists will install snowmaking machines with operational pressure in tubing system of up to 80 atmospheres. RI-URAL and SNOWPROM will not only install and commission the snowmaking system but also make the first covering of slopes with snow by themselves. We also train ski resort personnel of how to work with the system. If you buy snowmaking systems from our company you choose a reliable and first class level of service!