Since January 1, 2010 construction, design, engineering and survey organizations are obliged to carry out their activities only if having a Certificate of admission to the works influencing safety of capital construction objects, issued by a self-regulatory organization.

CERTIFICATES of admission to a certain type or types of works influencing safety of capital construction objects , issued to OOO SNOWPROM and OOO Alp Projekt, are given below:


Within the opening of service center in Russia by TechnoAlpin company in 2012 specialists of SNOWPROM group of companies received training at TechnoAlpin plant in Bozen, Italy.

On August 5-7, the staff of SNOWPROM group of companies took part in a training for maintenance of snowmaking systems (snowmaking machines and snow guns), which was provided by the staff of TechnoAlpin service department in Bolzano (Italy).

The highest quality standards of management

Efficient workflow, strict control carried out by official institutions and technical expertizes performed by highly qualified specialists ensure the high quality standards of SNOWPROM staff work.

All stages of company’s workflow are carried out in accordance with criteria of ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008) Quality management system.
This high standard is a strong basis for implementation of principles of SNOWPROM group of companies:

* The best customer service
* Commitment to achieve the highest results in work

Our company actively introduces and applies QUALITY SYSTEMS in the field of development, designing, construction and service of ropeways in accordance with the international ISO 9001:2000.


On January 16-18, 2017 the staff of SNOWPROM group of companies had an advanced training course for composition, installation and operation of electric equipment and automatic safety systems at the plant of Nidec company, in Montebello-Vicentino (Italy).