Re-splicing of ropes is one of the types of regular maintenance service of ropeways. It is a well-known fact that extension of haul rope is a normal physical process which depends on a number of factors (operating temperature, number of turns around a pulley wheel, workload of a ropeway etc.).

Ropeway operating personnel should monitor such parameters as:

  1. Position of a tension carriage;
  2. Motion of a tension carriage with full loaded/unloaded ropeway;
  3. Motion of a tension carriage in temperature extremes.

On the basis of these data, technical management shall make a decision on re-splicing of ropes.

Works on shortening the rope include the following stages:

  1. Preliminary works (dismantling of movable equipment, choice of place for re-splicing, dismantling of rope, assembling of equipment for pulling a rope, pulling of a rope);
  2. Re-splicing of a rope;
  3. Final stage (dismantling of the equipment, installation of a rope and moveable equipment).

Qualified personnel and equipment for pulling the rope are necessary for performing stage 1 and 3.

Stage 2 may be performed only by a qualified specialist having a special tool for re-splicing of a rope.

SNOWPROM company has qualified specialists and equipment for re-splicing of ropes of different complexity. Group of companies SNOWPROM has SRO permission for this type of works. We are ready to get engaged at any stage and provide technical support. Tight cooperation between our specialist and ropeway maintenance personnel can help optimize costs and schedule work completion time. Our specialists have permissions for splicing ropes and go to the site with their own equipment for splicing ropes of different diameters: from 8 to 52 mm.