Due to the fact that many new ropeways of different international manufacturers have been put into commission recently and since there is lack of quality service in Russia, service of ropeways is currently becoming one of the top priority areas for development of our company.

Our company was specifically incorporated to provide quality service and installation, and to supply spare parts for ropeways of different manufacturers. Our specialists have long-term experience in installation and service maintenance of ropeways. They underwent trainings in leading international companies – manufacturers of ropeways.

Our main goal is to ensure uninterrupted operation of ropeways and to resolve promptly all technical issues arising during operation.

This can only be achieved by means of close cooperation between our specialists and specialists maintaining ropeways.

The main tasks of such collaboration involve entering into long-term contracts for service maintenance of ropeways, performing of quality preparation and repair of ropeways for the winter season, adjusted system of spare parts supply, and minimization of possible periods of downtime because of emergency situations during the operational season.

High-quality preparation of ropeways for a season can only be done if manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations are strictly observed. Based on such instructions and recommendations, a schedule for routine control, adjustment and repair of units and aggregates shall be prepared. In future such schedule will enable to define the assortment and quantity of spare parts necessary for maintenance of ropeways in the summer period as well as to predict the date of works with the involvement of our specialists.

Minimization of possible downtime periods due to the breakages during the season, quality preparation for a season and repair of ropeways, timely and effective diagnostic and notification of Customers concerning spare parts supply, and reliable and clear system of spare parts supply are those tasks that out company is ready to solve with unprecedented level of quality.