Our company offers the whole range of geodetic surveying works for development of a concept, planning and construction of ski resorts and other objects.

1. Engineering and topographical survey is the necessary stage at implementation of any project. Easiness, speed and safety of your project implementation depend on how good the engineering and topographical survey has been done. We carry out engineering and topographical survey both for construction of separate linear objects (such as ropeways, snowmaking systems) and construction of a whole infrastructure of ski resorts. Construction of ropeways, as well as construction in mountain area in general, establishes special requirements for surveying. Surveying that is done not accurately enough will require, in a best scenario, the new one, which will entail new expenses. In the worst case the problems can arise at every stage of the construction or operation of the object.

2. Laying-out of linear objects (ropeways) is usually carried out while performing works in forest area. In this case the route is fixed with markers in order to cut down the lane further. Straightness of the axis of the future ropeway shall be laid at this stage. Furthermore, laying-out may be performed in order to consider several options of objects lay-out.

3. Pegging-out is a pegging of foundation axis of the ropeway supports and stations. This stage ensures maximum compliance of the configuration of a ropeway with its project data. Mistakes at this stage may entail considerable financial and time expenses since allowable variations in location of supports’ and stations’ foundations are extremely small. If such deviations are exceeded, it may lead to the necessity to re-do foundations or to re-calculate the ropeway project.

4. Geo-tech survey of ropeway supports’ and stations’ foundations. It is an integral part of construction following the results of which a decision regarding installation of metal structures is made.

5. Geodesic assistance through construction and installation works.

Our specialists have vast experience in such an activity. They took part in construction of ski resorts both in the territory of Russia and the CIS countries – starting from small complexes for children sports schools and finishing with huge ski resorts. Our employees are not just highly qualified; they are a tight-knit team that has been working together for several years.

We use only the most modern equipment and software, which ensures the high accuracy during the further planning and implementation of projects. Total stations produced by NIKON TRIMBLE, GPS/GLONASS system produced by TRIMBLE. All equipment is certified and validated on a regular basis.

The following objects have been constructed with direct participation of our specialists:

Uyazy-Tau (Oktyabrskiy town, republic of Bashkortostan), Dombai (the Karachayevo-Cherkessian Republic), Aist (the Sverdlovsk region, Nizhny Tagil), Bukovel (Ukraine), Shahdagh (Azerbaijan), Silichy (Belarus), Tashla (Tulgansky district, the Orenburg region), Kuvandyk (the Orenburg region) etc.