Sites where works for design, construction and installation of ropeways and snowmaking systems were completed or being currently performed with the involvement of SNOWPROM group of companies:

  1. Moscow, construction of the city ropeway with 10-seater cabins from Luzhniki stadium to the Vorobjovy gory viewing point. The customer is OOO Moskovskije kanatnye dorogi. Construction is being carried out in preparation for the World Cup 2018;
  2. Chechen Republic, Itum-Kalinskiy municipal district, Veduchi village, construction of a 4-seater chair lift with fixed grip (POMA) and snowmaking system (total length of snowmaking system networks is 5200 m), the customer is AO Kurorty Severnogo Kavkaza;
  3. Chechen Republic, Itum-Kalinskiy municipal district, Veduchi village, designing of 6 ropeways, 16 km of ski-runs and powerful automatic snowmaking system with 195 snowmaking machines, the customer is AO Kurorty Severnogo Kavkaza;
  4. Nizhniy Tagil, GAU DO SO SDUSShOR Aist (State Autonomous Institution for Supplementary Education of the Sverdlovsk region Specialized Children and Youth Sports School of the Olympic Reserve Aist), designing and procurement of wind shield system for K-90 and K-120 hills;
  5. Krasnoyarsk, Oktjabrskiy district, as part of preparation for Winter Universiade 2019: construction of the 4-seater chair lift TATRALIFT, site: Athletic and training complex “Academy of winter sports”, complex of ski-runs for freestyle, Krasnoyarsk, Oktjabrskiy district, Nikolaevskaja sopka;
  6. Krasnaja Polyana village, ski resort Alpika Service, development of project documentation for the first stage of snowmaking system (slopes 4 and 5) on the basis of the equipment of Italian company TechnoAlpin SpA. The customer is AO Gazprom-Sotsinvest;
  7. Republic of Bashkortostan, ski resort Abzakovo, construction and installation of a 4-seater chair lift Doppelmayr. The customer is OOO Abzakovo;
  8. Krasnoyarsk, Oktjabrskiy district, construction of a large snowmaking system for the FREESTYLE CENTER with installation of water supply line, construction of pump station, installation of 18 snowmaking machines, performing of electric-installation and pre-commissioning activities; as part of preparation for Winter Universiade 2019;
  9. Krasnoyarsk, reconstruction of snowmaking system for slopes on the territory of Bobrovy log funpark, as part of preparation for Winter Universiade 2019, TechnoAplin equipment (Italy);
  10. Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Kok-Tobe park, installation and pre-commissioning of an 8-seater city gondola lift of Pomagalski production;
  11. Zelenchukskiy region of the Karachai-Cherkess Republic, year-round tourist recreational complex Arkhyz, design and construction of snowmaking system (110 automatic snowmaking machines). The customer is OAO Kurorty Severnogo Kavkaza;
  12. Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana, Olympic venue Sports Tourism Complex Gornaya Karusel, passenger ropeway with 4-seater chairs TSF 12 of Pomagalski production;
  13. Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana, Olympic venue, passenger ropeway with 8-seater cabins of Pomagalski production from the Esto-Sadok station to the complex of ski jumps Russkie gorki;
  14. Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana, Olympic venue Sanki sliding center. Installation of scaffold system Layher Allround: roundabout gallery; platform for a mix zone; skaffolding; extreme park, stand A, stand B;
  15. Kirovsk, Murmansk region, Khibiny ski resort, designing and construction of ropeways for OAO APATIT, chair lift with fixed grip Lift B/K4, gondola lift and chair lift with detachable grips Lift B/K8 of BMF production, surface lift of Leitner production;
  16. Beloretsk, Republic of Bashkortostan, construction and installation of two 4-seater chair lifts of TATRALIFT production;
  17. Republic of Kazakhstan, Shymkent, Alatau ski complex, installation and pre-commissioning of a 3-seater chair lift and two surface lifts of Leitner production;
  18. Krasnoyarsk, Oktyabrsky district, performance of construction and pre-commissioning works at the site: Sports and training complex «Academy of Winter Sports», ski slope for slalom trainings with snowmaking system, surface lift, judge’s houses, cafe at the top of a slope of the Nikolaevskaya sopka hill. 1-2 stages of construction;
  19. Toksovo village, Leningrad region, Vsevolozhskiy district, Federal training center (2-seater chair lift, surface lift and snowmaking system);
  20. Tchaikovsky, Perm Krai, Federal training center for winter sports Snezhinka (surface lift, two chair lifts and snowmaking system);
  21. Nizhny Tagil, Sports complex of ski jumps Aist, 2-seater passenger ropeway and snowmaking system);
  22. Nizhny Novgorod, designing of ropeways and snowmaking systems at the Federal Ski Jumping center for winter sports;
  23. Ufa, designing of ropeways and snowmaking systems at the Republican Ski Jumping Complex;
  24. Ufa, designing of the city gondola lift for 90 10-seater cabins;
  25. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, designing of 2 passenger ropeways with detachable grips for Gorny Vozdukh ski resort;
  26. Republic of Altai, Manzherok ski resort, designing of a ropeway, all ski runs and system of snowmaking, the owner is Sberbank-Capital;
  27. Republic of Altai, Birjuzovaja Katun ski resort, designing of a snowmaking system (208 snowmaking machines);
  28. Sochi, designing of a snowmaking system for ski resort Alpika Service, the customer is Gazprom-Sotsinvest;
  29. Sochi, designing of Olympic freestyle center and snowboard park at Rosa Khutor ski resort;
  30. Sochi, designing of Olympic route for biathlon at the Sports Tourism Complex Gornaya Karusel;
  31. Chechen Republic, Veduchi ski resort, designing of nine ropeways, 32 km of ski runs and the largest system of snowmaking in the region, the project is implemented at the request of MOSTOVIK company;

— and many others.