Development of a conceptual plan for the project is one of the most powerful means to attract attention of business-partners and investors. Effective working concept of project development is the first step and a good start for brand design.

The only possible way to make a concept really effective and attractive is to address professionals. Our specialists always act responsibly – both when they develop a complex multimedia concept and a simple (Pitch Deck) concept in PDF or PowerPoint format.

Modern conceptual plans are powerful tools to influence target audience. Today we develop several types of concepts, differentiating them in terms of their goals and tasks, as well as in terms of technologies.

DESCRIPTION: Colorful leaflet of a descriptive and recommendation nature. It reflects general conceptual solutions for the site (preliminary options for location of ski runs, ropeways and some infrastructural facilities based on the analysis of actual conditions of the site where it is supposed to carry out construction).

PURPOSE: visual material giving a clear vision of the planned object. It is the first material offered to the potential investors.

INITIAL MAP DATA: topographical mapping Scale 1:10000 1:25000