SNOWPROM group of companies started its activities in the market of ski industry in 2003, it was founded by Alexander Pupyshev, Leonid Ipatov and Alexey Vasilevskiy.


Primary activity of the company is a whole range of design, construction, and equipping services, commissioning and further maintenance of ski resorts on a turn-key basis .

The main advantage of SNOWPROM group of companies is that the companies executives were the directors of large ski resorts for a long time, built and operated them. Specialists of the group of companies were directly involved in designing and construction of more than 150 ropeways in Russia and the CIS countries.

Dozens of master plans for year-round ski resorts as well as detailed documentation relating to the alpine skiing technology have been created during the period of collaboration.

The main task of SNOWPROM group of companies is a provision of an expert assistance and support to our customers at all stages of creation and operation of sports and entertaining facilities and tourist attractions as well as high-class engineering of ski resorts, their construction and further optimization of financial flows of operating resorts. All this is possible thanks to the group of professionals consisting of highly qualified technologists of sports and special venues, architects, landscape and architectural designers, 3D graphic and animation artists, development engineers and design engineers of special and all-engineering systems, financial experts, management and marketing experts.