Draft project


DESCRIPTION: a package of design documentation prepared on the basis of the terms of reference, complying with the requirements of standards applicable in the territory of the Russian Federation. The standard composition is as follows.

PURPOSE: underlying material for the stages of preliminary and detail project development. Unlike the master-plan, the draft project is usually ordered by the Customer for his own needs, not for attracting investors. It is the ground for obtaining permission for further design and preliminary construction works.

INITIAL MAP DATA: topographical mapping Scale 1:500- 1:2000 in vector format.

1. Explanatory note:

1.1. Construction object.

1.2. Site features.

1.3. Site analysis.

1.4. Description of a resort concept.

1.5. Urban planning solutions.

1.6. Landscaping and site finishing.

1.7. Topography arrangement of a ski area.

1.8. Main solutions on providing facilities for disabled people and people with limited mobility.

1.9. Space-planning solutions.

Service center;
Other public buildings;
Sports areas;
Promenade areas;
Parking lots;
Technical zone;
Coastal area infrastructure.

1.10. Description of technological solutions.

Ski runs, snowboard and tubing runs, training slope and their preparation;
Artificial snowmaking system;
Slope lightning ;
Sound system;
Communication system;
PayPass system;
Fire and security alarm system. Fire warning system;
Video surveillance;
Closed circuit TV system;
Data transmission network (DTN).

1.11. Requirements to utility networks.

Heating supply;
Water supply and sewerage;
Power supply;
Cable-conduit system.

1.12. Environment protection.

1.13. Fire prevention measures.

1.14. Suggestion on the schedule of resort construction.

1.15. Summary tables.

Basic technical and economic indicators;
Main operational characteristics;
Main indicators on the number of tourists and maintenance staff;
Balance of project territory;
Balance of earth masses movement for the ski area.

2. Graphic materials:

2.1. Situation diagram.

2.2. Draft general layout plan Scale 1:1500.

2.3. Functional zoning scheme Scale 1:1500.

2.4. Scheme of distribution of the main tourist flows in winter period Scale 1:1000.

2.5. Scheme of distribution of the main tourist flows in summer period Scale 1:1000.

2.6. Topography arrangement plan for ski area.

Overall view Scale 1:1000.
Detailed planning of slopes and technological areas Scale 1:1000.
Principal scheme of earth masses movement in the territory of a ski area.

2.7. Cross-sections for the main objects of a ski area Scale 1:500.

2.8. Scheme of slope zoning with regard to the level of difficulty.

2.9. 3-D views of a ski resort.