SNOWPROM group has years of experience in procurement and installation of used ropeway equipment. We can offer a sufficient database for ropeways and chairlifts from Europe, both dismantled and stored. In addition to that we invite our customers to see the equipment still in operation, but available for sale, we can book and dismantle any equipment that you like in the end of the European ski season. We cooperate with many ski complexes and resorts in Europe and thoroughly check the reliability and operational potential of the equipment we offer.

We choose the ropeway for our customers based on his requests and technical opportunities of the prospective place for the chairlift, thus narrowing the price category. We send the request to our numerous European suppliers, the Customer chooses the equipment, we thoroughly check and prepare it for dispatch, replacing the defected parts for new ones if necessary. Our services include the manufacture of anchors and offset gauges, order and procurement of metal ware, replacement of the electrical wiring. Apart from that, we guarantee the quality installation of the equipment, which is essential while working with used ropeways.

SNOWPROM group can be your reliable partner if you require used equipment. The scope of works includes dismantling, delivery, design, installation, commissioning and submission of the used ropeway to the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia.