Installation of the urban gondola ropeway completed

Работы по монтажу городской гондольной канатной дороги закончены

In March 2016, SNOWPROM Group began the installation of city gondola ropeway in Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan. Produced by the French company POMA, the length of gondola ropeway is 1632 meters, travel time is six minutes. The upper station is located in Kok-Tobe park. The maximum height of the ropeway over the ground is 80 meters, speed is 6.2 meters per second, height difference between the upper and lower stations is 250 meters. Seventeen ten-seater «Diamond» cabins (8 passenger seats and standing room for 2 persons) will provide a capacity of 750 people per hour upon commissioning, with the possibility of increasing to 1000 people per hour if necessary.

For the time being, the installation work is completed, tests are being conducted to put the ropeway into operation.

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