The works on development of the project documentation for the Funpark «Bobrovy Log» have been completed

ФП Бобровый лог

The SNOWPROM group of companies has completed the work on development of design documentation under the Agreement: “Reconstruction of the artificial snow formation system for snow-making for trails No. 9-А, No. 8, with exclusion from the system of unused highways and snow-making plants, expansion of ski slopes No. 2, 4, 5, 9 and construction of training trail No. 9-А on the territory of the Funpark «Bobrovy Log»

The list of the works:

  1. Expansion of trails No. 2, 4, 5, 9 to a width of 35 meters to align with the requirements of the inspection visit of the FISU International Technical Committee for the World Winter Universiade 2019 as well as in accordance with the acts of conformity assessment of alpine ski trails Center for Certification and Expertise OMSK-TEST LLC;
  2. Works on integration of the newly created snow-making systems for trails No. 8 and training trail No. 9-А were carried out in the software package, the existing software was upgraded up to the ATASSplus version;
  3. For making artificial snow, the Customer selected an Artificial Snow-Making System manufactured by TechnoAlpin (Italy).

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