Installation of concrete foundation in Kirovsk

6-ти местная комбинированная гондольно-кресельная канатная дорога производства швейцарской фирмы BMF

On May 27, concrete foundation of a 6-seater gondola chairlift ropeway (by BartholetMaschinenbauAG, Switzerland) was installed on a lower driving station on the slope of Aikuaivenchorr Mount in Kirovsk.

The official part was attended by: Simakov German Alexandrovich — Deputy General Manager of APATIT OJSC, General Manager of «Bolshoy Vudyavr» LLC; Ipatov Leonid Leonidovich — General Manager of SNOWPROM LLC; Melnikov Leonid Vasilyevich — President of the Russian Alpine Ski and Snowboard Federation (RASSF); Vasilevsky Aleksey Nikolaevich — General Manager of SNOWPROM-SERVICE LLC; Gomyanin Andrei Grigorievich — chief specialist of Social Projects Board in APATIT OJSC.

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