In May 2017, the turnkey facility of the seasonal bridge across «Vorona River», Tambov Region, was implemented

В мае 2017 года реализован объект «под ключ» сезонной мостовой переправы через реку Ворона, Тамбовская область

In May 2017, SNOWPROM group of companies implemented the turnkey facility (project, supply, installation) of a seasonal bridge crossing over the Vorona River, the Tambov Region.

The bridge is based on the spans of the heavy mechanized bridge TMM-3 (this type of special equipment is used by the engineering troops of the Russian Federation).

The main objective of this project was to update and modernize the existing structure for installation of a mobile crane, since in normal mode the TMM-3 is guided using a fleet of special military equipment.

The peculiarity of this bridge crossing is that the installation of the bridge elements takes place in the shortest possible time with cost minimization for labor and financial resources.

Earlier, on the installation site of the bridge, there was an old wooden bridge, which collapsed due to the dilapidation of the structure.

This object is of great social importance for administration of nearby settlements and is vital for local residents.