«Bobrovy log» is preparing to accept athletes from around the world within the Winter Universiade 2019

Фанпарк Бобровый лог

The Bobrovy Log, a world-class all-season sports and leisure park, is located in a recreation area on the border with the Stolby State Reserve, just 20 minutes from the City center of Krasnoyarsk. This season, he accepts athletes from around the world, as part of the Winter Universiade 2019. For organization of the main high-speed disciplines, «Bobrovy Log» conducted a complete reconstruction of existing and construction of new ski slopes.

In 2017-2018, the specialists of the SNOWPROM Group of Companies carried out a profound modernization of the snow-making system for the trails, additionally delivered and adjusted all the equipment necessary for the competitions. The entire snow-making system of the Bobrovy Log is based on the equipment of TECHNOALPIN and has achieved the following technical indicators today:

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