The Employees of the SNOWPROM group of companies underwent pass advanced professional training at the Nidec plant

Сотрудники ГК «СНОУПРОМ» прошли повышение квалификации на заводе компании Nidec

From January 16 up to 18, 2017, the employees of the SNOWPROM group of companies underwent advanced training at the Nidec plant in Montebello Vicentino (Italy) in design, installation and operation of electrical equipment and safety automation systems.

The training program included familiarization with the main characteristics and features of various types of electrical installations, diagnosis and elimination of the most common mistakes in their work, the principle of the automation system operation and software of power supply systems at alpine ski resorts.

The acquired knowledge will help in the future to carry out the installation Nidec equipment quickly, to provide more qualified assistance to our clients in the area of technical advice, service and repair of electrical equipment.

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