A snow-making system was commissioned for the Winter Universiade 2019 ski runs stadium

снегогенераторы вентиляторного типа MMS Classic

Winter Universiade 2019 will be held in the coming months, and everything is ready for its admission. The SNOWPROM group of companies was the main contractor for construction of the most of the Universiade sports facilities in Krasnoyarsk (rope-ways, snow-making and lighting systems).

At the end of November 2018, the company’s specialists put another snow-making system into operation for the stadium of ski trails (having successfully completed the commissioning works in cooperation with ROSENGINEERING CJSC).

The first skier competitions will take place in the “Raduga” cluster in early December, specially built for the Winter Universiade 2019. The sports complex, which will be part of the Academy of Winter Sports, meets the necessary requirements for holding competitions of international and All-Russian levels.

Features of the snow-making system:

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